About the Library

Welcome to The Elmer E. Rasmuson Library of The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). Containing more than 1.75 million items, we are the largest library in the state of Alaska. 

The Rasmuson Library has one of the world's finest collections of Alaska and Polar Regions (APR) materials including books, periodicals, photography, manuscripts, films, oral histories, rare books, and maps. The collections are centered on Alaska but include many items about the Circumpolar North and Antarctica. Subject bibliographers, archivists, anthropologists and historians on the APR staff are available for reference and research assistance.

The Library Catalog can be used to locate books, videos, government documents, and other materials owned by the UAF Rasmuson Library, the Keith Mather Geophysical Institute Library, and other libraries throughout the state.

Librarians and library staff assist students in using library resources and can give guidance on how to best locate research and information resources both in the library and beyond, regardless of format. As always, seeking out help and assistance from reference staff early in the research process can save many hours of frustrating work.

As part of UAF's core curriculum, undergraduate students must demonstrate their library proficiency either by completing LS101 (Library Information and Research) or by passing a competency exam. In LS101, students learn about library research, using the Internet, and about finding information in a variety of subject areas.


For historical information about the library see University of Alaska's Elmer E. Rasmuson Library page.


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